Take a deep breath!

Hi, I’m Po and I’m here on Stop. Unwind. to blog about my journey to simplify my life.  I’m a new graduate student in the DC area and with the minimal budget that comes with that I’ve realized just how much of a priority I’ve made of my possessions.  Now I’m working to separate myself and my happiness from those material things and refocuse on what’s really important to me–hopefully saving a little money and living a little healthier in the process!  I’m documenting my process of down-sizing my life, so on my blog you’ll find my thoughts on the transition to living a more frugal, healthy, and purposeful life.

So for those of you considering starting their own journey, or those already on one, I invite you to learn a little bit of what I’m learning through this process, and maybe offer a bit of advice to me too!


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